Video communications are on the hype.

Traditionally, enterprises have rooms with a high video and voice equipment investment. But they are worth it. By incorporating video, telepresence (also with immersive experience), communication is enhanced over a simple voice call. And it saves you from travelling.

The pandemic took it even further. Explosive growth of Collaboration Tools like Zoom or Teams is explained from a new need: to be able to see each other at anytime, anywhere using any device.

What happens with those videoconference rooms already in place then?

There is no way out other than integrating videoconference systems with corporate collaborating tools. For IT departments life would be much simpler if we would have an easy-to-use tool that would integrate both natively. Well, here is the news: this tool exists and it’s called Bluejeans.

Bluejeans simplifies the integration between several videoconference systems in a very cost efficient way. We are not talking about days or months. Hours. 

Bluejeans is a premium 4-in-1 solution platform that helps corporations to integrate easily Teams with their own videoconference system:


Secure, highly intuitive, technologically agnostic collaboration tool: compatible with H323 and SIP protocols, valid for iOS and Android mobiles, and virtually any web browser.

Dolby quality for sound and HD for video. But the best are the productivity-enhancing tools, such as transcription capabilities, collaborative whiteboard with real-time annotations, and a wonderful Collaboration Dashboard.

▹It also includes a Command Center that provides tools to measure to IT staff the ROI of the use of the tool, with statistics, management of network issues, room administration…


▹It is very useful for those organizations that organize highly interactive and production-qualityevents (internal or external).

▹It combines the capabilities of a streaming video platform, live videoconferencing, video sharing and production tools all in one easy-to-use platform.

▹Scalable up to 150k users. A delight for Marketing departments.


▹Enables the integration of existing conference rooms (up to 19,000 different configurations) and is the best solution to provide a top layer to traditional room videoconferencing systems to interconnect them with any other conferencing system.

▹An equivalent tool to GoToMeetings or Zoom Rooms.

gateway for teams

▹It is a CVI (Cloud Video Interoperability) solution in SaaS with Teams and certainly the most agile and cost effective way to connect traditional room video conferencing systems (Cisco, Polycom, e.g.) with Teams.

▹Additionally, the organization benefits from the unique features of the Command Center that will include that source of data entry for tool usage statistics.

If you need more information about how BlueJeans works, feel free to contact with us.