Efficiency is at the heart of Colt DCS’s data centre operations. We take energy efficiency seriously, and certification bodies have recognised our work in this area.

Take Colt DCS’s London West site for example. In 2016, the Uptime Institute anointed Colt DCS’s London 3 site with the much-desired Management and Operations Stamp of Approval for the data centre’s operations.

According to the London-based data centre certification body, the M&O Stamp of Approval is ‘a holistic assessment of staffing and organisation practices, maintenance and operations activities, and management and planning – aligned with business objectives of risk reduction, reduced downtime and operational efficiency.’

To ensure a site maintains the level of excellence present at the initial review, the Uptime Institute requires reassessment every couple of years for data centre operators to keep the Stamp.

The site was first given the Stamp of Approval in September 2013. In September 2014, Colt DCS’s London 2 site was given the same Stamp as was the Roosendaal, Netherlands site in September 2013.

Colt DCS’s data centres are externally audited and have won numerous awards for energy efficiency covering operations and design standards. We are also a member of the European Code of Conduct and follow ASHRAE guidelines.

At Colt DCS, the people that make the difference. We have dedicated teams of experts across Asia and Europe that have worked on data centre design and operations for more than 20 years. Our on-site and local engineering and support teams have a deep understanding of customer environments and lifecycle challenges and are available 24/ 7 to provide a consistent, global approach. Our staff know how to take complex environments and make them more manageable and easier to understand.

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